Jovenes Juntos (Teens Together)


There are a number of amazing people who make up the “staff” of Jovenes Juntos. We are mix of volunteer workers, teachers from Quetzaltengo, and local women from the community of Llano del Pinal.

Yahjaira and Lydia

Lydia has been working in the Guaderia since 2000. In 2003, she took charge from her older sister (who left for the United Sates). Lydia is a brilliant tutor, imaginative at creating projects for the wide spread of ages at the Guaderia and a mother of one of the kids. She is very open to many ideas for the Guaderia and has been and incredible supporter of Jovenes Juntos by joining us on the Friday activities to help with the coordination of activities.

Since 2001, Yahahria has been teaching pre-school and providing auxiliary education for older kids unable to attend school. In the mornings this mother of two works at an exclusive private school in Quetzaltenego and at the Guaderia in the afternoons.




Formaly living in San Francisco, CA Russ has now found residence in Quetzaltengo, Guatemala. Russ is one of the two volunteer originators of Jovenes Juntos. Before coming to Guatemala Russ had been a science teacher for 3 years and then a residential counselor in a youth home for boys. Although he would love to stay for another year and a half and help to run the program he will be moving back to the bay area, February of 2007.








Amy is the project coordinator of la guarderia. She tutors and attends the school on a daily basis.





Michael is a a volunteer for jovenes Juntos at La Guarderia as well as the techy geeky guy for this web site. His duties include tutoring the kids in the afternoons, helping with fundraisers and updating and maintaining the jovenes juntos web site. He also enjoys playing hide and seek and futbol (soccer) with the kids at recess.








Doña Delfina

The best word to describe doña Delfina is Matriarch. She is the owner of the actual building of the Guaderia, mother of Lydia and with over 25 years of social work experience brings far more than just tasty nutritious meals every day. She is often sought out for advice in the local community, and has always been there for any of the kids who have found themselves in need of a safe home for any amount of time.







The newest staff member, Rosalba has been providing re-enforcement classes in Math and language twice a week in the afternoons. Her services have been received very well and Jovenes Juntos is looking forward to working with Rosalba for another school year.









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