Jovenes Juntos (Teens Together)



Make a difference by donating to Jovenes Juntos. You donation can do many things including pay teachers wages, buy school supplies, cover emergency needs, etc. For more information on the specifics keep reading. You can use credit card or PayPal. All donations are tax deductible.




How is the money spent?

Pay Teachers Wages By donating you will help pay teachers wages which helps us bring professional educators to our after-school program on a daily basis. For the past two months we have been able to afford a teacher to come out twice a week, and we have already seen great results! We hope to have a teacher working with our students in reinforcement classes and homework help every day of the week. To donate click here

Provide Scholarships Donations also go towards our scholarship program which provides the basic tuition and supplies to enroll the children into good schools. The public schools in Llanos del Pinal (the town) only extend to sixth grade, at which time it is necessary to enroll the children in a private school. Unfortunately, this transition is often very difficult due to the poor quality of education in Llanos. Your donation will help ensure that each of our students will be able to receive the best education possible and continue their schooling to the end of high school. To donate click here


General There are many cost to running our program from purchasing tables for studying, school books, milk, group activity expenses to tuition's and . Any amount is appreciated. To donate click here

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