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11 years old.-Favorite Movie:Cyndarella

TitanicYolanda is an amazing person who was born with self-motivation. She has excelled in public schools with 70 students per classroom, inadequate teachers, and insufficient books and supplies. Her grade averages are always in the high 90’s and she enjoys books and articles that challenge her. As well as an excellent student she posses a calm nature that those of all ages and cultures feel at ease talking to her.

In July of this year Yolanda experienced the sudden and tragic loss from death of her father, who had been working illegally in the United Sates. This has suddenly left her mother alone to raise Yolanda and her 6 brothers and sisters. Although her mother has found work, the pay is far from ample to provide tuition into a school that can challenge Yolanda’s gifted intelligence. In addition, Yolanda has shown extraordinary ability as an artist and great interest in Capeoria classes.

Jovenes Juntos is looking for an education scholarship and funds to support the positive growth of Yolanda’s leadership skills through extra-curricular activities.