William   large product photo

Age: 11.--Favorite movie: Chicken Little.--Going into the second grade

William is a silent deep thinker. He loves a game of futbol, has an eye for photography, a hand for sketching and can put anyone at ease with his warm smile. William’s best attribute is always his fearlessness to try new things. He cherishes every activity of Jovenes Juntos whether it’s reading in the library, trying new dance steps, a yoga class or flipping and kicking in capoeria.

William has experienced much hardship his entire life. Just two years ago his father passed away from complications due to severe alcohol abuse. The loss of his father’s income placed tremendous pressure on his mother to support the family. She was forced into prostitution and began drinking heavily as well. Unfortunately, this year his mother was brutally ganged raped and suffered injuries that will keep her dependent on hospital care hospital for the remainder of her life.

This year marks a great success for William. After 3 years he will be moving on to the second grade and starting in a private school. He is very excited about this opportunity.

Jovenes Juntos has covered the inscription cost for Josè’s new school, however additional funding is needed to cover transportation, schools supplies and lunch. In addition, Jovenes Juntos wants to provide weekly counseling and continue the weekly activities.