Surama   large product photo

12 years old.- Going into the 5th grade.- Favorite picture “Tom and Jerry Cartoons “

Writing short stories, reading, listening to merengue or playing soccer is how Surama, one of 4 siblings living with their single mother, enjoys her free time.

Surama likes to identify with characters from books. Right now her favorite character is Alice from ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Like Alice, Surama has been tested emotionally and somewhat living in a foreign land. After living her entire life with an abusive father her parents separated earlier this year and her mother is currently filing for an official divorce; an extremely long and arduous process for a woman to do alone in Guatemala.

Although this year has been difficult, Surama’s carries a smile from ear to ear and her cheerful laugh is unforgettable. Plus, she was able to maintain focus on her studies and had a positive school year. Jòvenes Juntos wants to provide Surama with professional counseling, activities to build confidence, and continued tutoring.