Roni   large product photo

Age 12. Going into the 4th grade

Rony has a heart of gold. Often times he has become the peacemaker between friends, and the guardian of the younger kids. He can also be the entertainer! Head spins, round offs, hand stands, Rony can do all the cool tricks. He’s quite an athlete as well, when asked what his favorite sport was, Rony replied “ pelota todos” or all sports that use a ball.

Rony also enjoys math and calligraphy the best in school and he will often set a good wxample to his younger brother of 7 by finishing all his homework before running to the playground.

Rony currently has a scholoship for school. Jovenes Juntos would like to provide him with activities to foster his leadership skills and continue providing tutorial help in the afternoons along with the weekly activities.