Patricia   large product photo

12 years old. Going into the 4th grade. Favorite Book-

The Three Little PigsPatricia likes to find times alone from a small hectic household of 10 brothers and sisters by star gazing and dreaming about being a teacher one day. In her own words: “Quiero ser maestra para niños porque es bueno para aprender leer y escribir“-I want to be a teacher for kids because it’s good to learn to read and write.

Already Patricia is on her way; when not scoring goals or speeding by the boys on the soccer field you can find her tutoring fellow rising fourth graders in Math, Reading, and Writing.

Patricia is a lover of all arts especially photography. She exhibited a special eye during the photography project this July.

Currently she has a scholarship for the next school year. Jovenes Juntos wants to provide art classes, and funds to foster Patricia’s love of photography.