Edgar   large product photo

11 years old,-Going into the 4th grade.-Favorite movie: Garfield

Two words to describe Edgar: Daring and intelligent. In the same afternoon it’s quit normal to see Edgar either practicing a jumping handspring or reading quietly.

As the oldest of 4 siblings Edgar sets a fine example. He always works diligently with his studies and in his own words “me gusta leer de todos historias” -I like to read all stories. However, this year being the oldest has been hard at times. First he needed to endure the death of his youngest one year old brother and second Edgar’s father left for the United Sates to work illegally. This has forced his mother to work long hours and keep Edgar in charge of his two brothers and sister many times weekly late in the afternoon and often on weekends.

Edgar has shown exceptional skill in Capoeria, salsa, math and reading comprehension. Currently, Edgar has a scholarship for the next school year. Jovenes Juntos want provide continued tutoring, confidence building activities, and group counseling.